Why Must You Opt For A DUI Lawyer?

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Why Must You Opt For A DUI Lawyer?

People make mistakes and if they are caught breaking the law; they have to face the legal system. Driving under the influence or DUI is one of the most common types of criminal cases. The penalties or punishments for DUI are not severe, but it can cause an upheaval in your life. Even if you are sent to prison for six months, your life may fall out of track. Hiring an experienced and skilled attorney to plead on your behalf can ease the situation.

How often do DUI cases go to trial?

Is it worth it?

A lawyer may charge hefty fees not only for representing you before the judge but also for their legal counsel. You must assess the damage that prison time can do to your professional as well as personal life. And then compare it to the amount of money that you are paying by way of fees. Choosing an appropriate advocate to represent you will always be the right decision.

The things they can do

An attorney worth their salt can reduce your sentence to the minimum. They might even create a situation where you do not have to spend even a day behind bars. Paying some money as a punishment for your actions is much better than spending time in jail. If you have a prior criminal record, then your situation will be worse than first-time offenders.

Have you been around the block before?

First timers may even get free after some hours of community service. But for repeat offenders, judges will never be so lenient. Some prison time will always be on the cards. But an excellent attorney can strike deals with the DA’s office and make things smooth for you.

Role of prior judicial decisions

A skilled lawyer can utilize legal precedents and decrease the quantum of your punishment. If you represent yourself, you will not be able to create such a situation. A common man may know the law, but information about judgments of the past is a different ballgame altogether.

Who is the judge?

The strictness of a judge is one of the most important reasons for people with a prior record to select a topnotch criminal lawyer to defend themselves. If your case is before a Court known for being slightly harsh on DUI accused, then you will need to hire the best in the business. Things can get awry in a matter of minutes. Only an experienced attorney can turn things around.

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