Upholding The Legal System Of The Nation

The legal system of India is one of the oldest in the world, and it can be traced back to the 1700’s. The present law system of the nations is heralded by the Indian Constitution that came into being in 1950. A Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic country, it follows a parliamentary government with a system of courts

DUI Lawyers

A DUI or driving under the influence is a crime in most states. This occurs when a person is driving a vehicle after being impaired by the effects of alcohol. This offense also includes drugs and prescription drugs

Roles of DUI Lawyers

The first role of a DUI or DWI lawyer is to investigate. This process includes getting a verbal statement from the person accused, any video or audio clips and police reports. This data is needed to decide a valid defense

The second role of a DUI lawyer is to intervene before the charges are brought forward to the state attorney formally. This occurs while the law enforcement officers are writing down a detailed brief of the incident. Intervention can also be used to decrease the charges

Another role a DUI lawyer can play is that of negotiation. Since lawyers are experts when it comes to law trials they can generally negotiate an optimal settlement of the case. They ensure that the best possible outcome occurs

The most important role of a lawyer in a DUI case is management and assessment. They are more prepared to present all the options and present evidence. They can assess better the degree of charges that should be brought against the accused

Some Famous DUI Lawyers

Harish SalveHarish Salve1
Ram JethmalaniRam Jethmalani1
Fali Sam NarimanFali Sam Nariman1


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Corporate Lawyers

His Role

The roles a corporate lawyer can play are multitude. From crafting deals and transaction to recommending business on their rights and responsibilities, the job of a corporate lawyer in expansive. Such lawyers are mostly corporate generalists that companies use when they need advice on legal obligations. They are also used to evaluate ventures and create a better business structure. In such roles, corporate lawyers work alongside transactional lawyers who have a better grasp on real estate law and tax law.The actual structuring of transactions is done by corporate lawyers

  • They are the ones who draft the documents, attend meetings in order to negotiate deals better and make the final decisions
  • It is the duty of a corporate lawyer to ensure that the agreement set is in the interest of the client. Therefore, it should be unambiguous and unequivocal
  • Another role a corporate lawyer can undertake is to dissolve, make or manage a business entity. For example, in case of creation, they are the ones who write down the Article of Incorporation and the bylaws to ensure a precise definition of the roles of company executives
  • They will also advise the top management of the company on the functions and duties they need to fulfill