How A Retail Theft Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights?

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June 16, 2018
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Shopping lifting can get you arrested and it cannot be taken easily. There are heavy penalties and even jail term for retail theft. If you are caught in this situation it is time you engage a reputed retail theft attorney. With an attorney there is a possibility your charges can be reduced or even dropped altogether. Retail outlets should follow precautionary security measures to protect their good from being stolen. There is retail POS software available to ensure your good are safe from miscreants. Certain states are creating new felony offence to penalize retail theft, has more on this.

Retail theft scenarios

Once a person is caught for shoplifting, the security personnel and the employees engage in picketing around the thief. What the alleged thief has to understand is that they do not have any legal limitation and the police has to be called immediately. The suspect can be retained for a stipulated amount of time till a solution is sought. Being retained in the store does not mean that the person is a thief. The actual arrest happens only when the police are involved. Also remember the security personnel are no obligation to read the rights or incase of a minor they need not wait for the parent or guardian to arrive at the scene of crime.

Once the theft has happened, the suspect is not allowed to enter the shop. It is left to the discretion of the owner to call the police. The charges can be pressed for retail theft even if you do not leave the store or if an intention is proved.

Retail theft Criminal Penalties

If the police is involved, the criminal punishments can vary based on the worth of the stolen item and the severity of the crime. Punishments can be as follows:

  • A high value stealing can lead to penalty in terms of heavy fines and even imprisonment.
  • If the crime is conducted through an emergency exit or if the person convicted is a history sheeter then the crimes fall under felony and can attract huge fine and rigorous imprisonment
  • If the high worth single property or separate items are stolen, during a single entry or during multiple entries then it can result in fine and imprisonment.
  • When the value is high for single or multiple transaction period and the theft is executed through an emergency exit then it includes penalties in terms of fine and imprisonment.

Civil Penalties

Both civil and criminal prosecutions may be enacted against the offender. Retail theft victims can be sued in the civil court and in case of minor offenders the parents or guardian are liable. Retailers can recover damages by:

  • Recovering the damage of the full retail value
  • Court charges and attorney fee

A retail theft proceeding can leave the convict devastated and hiring a reliable lawyer can help ease the situation. There are many options available for those charged with the crime but if you want to evade serious consequences hire a legal expert immediately.

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