How to build blogging reputation?

Internet Marketing For Law Firms
June 25, 2019
Why Blogging is essential for your legal firm?
June 28, 2019

Blogs build reputations quickly. Readers visit a blog because it is interesting and useful. Because blogs reflect a person’s interests they become a resource for information, news and links on a specific topic.

A lawyer whose blog focus is on a particular area of the law becomes known as a expert in that area. Providing a valuable resource for the law, news and insight on this area of expertise is enough to garner a following among colleagues, current & past clients, the public, and the media. A lawyer taking the extra step to comment on the information she is providing on the blog is looked at as insightful and informed.

Lawyers have long understood that sharing information is one of the best ways to gain respect in their field. Historically, a lawyer would have had to publish a book or magazine article or speak at a seminar. Plus such opportunities were tough to come by until the lawyer became well recognized. A blog eliminates the gatekeepers – a lawyer reaches their audience directly.

A reputation can be built quickly with a blog. With the right announcements, online publicity and additions of valuable content to the blog, there is no reason a good lawyer cannot establish themselves as an expert among a broad based community within six months to a year.

Blogs deliver high search engine results overnight. Google gives preference to Web sites that are updated frequently and that it determines to be relevant. Relevance is measured by incoming links from other sites.

Each time content is added to your blog it has been updated. The next time google ‘spiders’ your site google will see that your site has new content. Once google realizes that your site is updated frequently, it will visit your site more often. In a short time your blog will be ‘spidered’ on a daily basis. I have posted to my blog and found the entry on a search at google within a day or two.

Because a lawyer’s blog will be a resource for people & organizations looking for information in the area of the lawyer’s expertise, the blog will be linked to by their own Web sites and blogs. This process is accelerated by a ‘linkage campaign’ telling targeted

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