Charged With a DUI- What to Do Before You Start Calling DUI Lawyers?

Factors To Know About DUI Lawyers
How to Find The Best DUI Lawyer?
June 6, 2015
On the Concept of Lawyer's Club
On the Concept of Lawyer’s Club
September 6, 2015
Considerable Things when choosing DUI Lawyer

In one of my previous posts I had discussed several factors which you will need to consider before hiring a DUI lawyer. In this specific article I’ll discuss several matters which you will need to take care of in order to prepare yourself for interviewing DUI Lawyers. There is an old saying that “knowledge is power” and this is certainly accurate. You need to have some basic background information in order to assess what the lawyers will tell, you before you call DUI Lawyers.

Info About Dui Lawyers Can Be Categorized into 2 parts

  • Information about the DUI Attorney
  • Info about DUI Laws in your own state.

Before calling any DUI Attorney you will need to learn about them through search engines such as Google. Please visit their private website if possible. Please find out if they normally handle other kinds of cases. You will need to be aware if they’re experienced in handling DUI cases. Clearly, you just need to speak with an Attorney who handles many DUI cases. This is the only way to make sure that the attorney is well versed in DUI laws. Additionally, try and discover the kind of training they’ve had. Was the attorney a Prosecutor before moving to defense work? (Former Prosecutors have a tendency to get plenty of experience and classroom training as the government always trains them well). Is the attorney a member of any organization or is he dedicated to DUI Defense? A number of these organizations provide their members with training. Don’t forget that, you don’t want to be represented by a civil lawyer who is picking up a DUI defense case for the first time.

Before calling DUI Lawyers, it is also wise to study the DUI Law in your own state. Utilize those internet resources which make it possible for you to discover the DUI statutes in your state. You ought to attempt to discover several matters when reviewing the DUI statutes of your state. The crucial among them are

  • Are you currently facing the chances of a mandatory jail term?
  • Are you facing a mandatory driver’s license suspension? If yes, then for how long?
  • Above all, does your state provide a pretrial diversionary program?

It is an application which will let a first-time offender to serve some probation rather than facing jail time. These plans quite often carry lesser, or no, permit suspension. Most of these applications will lead to your DUI charges being dismissed and expunged. This means that you would NOT HAVE ANY criminal record as a result of this.

It is when you have all this info that you ought to speak with a DUI Lawyer. Subsequently, as an example, if a lawyer doesn’t mention the pretrial diversionary plan then you will be able to question his advice. If a lawyer motivates you to defend the charges rather than choose this program (because they charge more money for a trial), then you will need to question minutely as to their reasoning for this particular advice. Never forget to ask any Attorney about the number of years of DUI defense practice that they have done.

Good Luck. I hope this post is of some help to you when it comes to hiring the appropriate DUI Attorney to defend your charges.

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